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SMFNCTRS - Our Pride, Our Mission 

Hi my name is Marsha Simmons, prevention coordinator for the SMFNCTRS project. I'm so proud to have this opportunity in helping effect change in our communities when it comes to the use of commercial tobacco.


Tobacco is one of the four sacred medicines sent to us by the Creator.  Unfortunately, due to the colonial experience, the intent of tobacco has been changed in mainstream society and illness has been perpetuated by use of commercial tobacco products.  


It is our organizational strategy to dispel myths, improve communication networks and decrease the use of commercial tobacco harm, while encouraging others to not initiate. Our mission is to help our peoples set new examples for future generations in discover a new path to a healthier life style.


Marsha Simmons

Project Coordinator

"Supporting the holistic well-being of our

First Nation families and Communities!"

Can You Afford NOT to Quit? 

Smoking isn't cheap on your wallet!

By quitting this deadly habit, you can save yourself not just hundreds, but thousands of dollars.


A week, a month, a year, a life time?

Financial what can you expect the costs to be...  

The Real Cost of Smoking? Your Health...

Smoking makes your body sick, increasing your chances of illnesses leading to loss of income and increased medical care costs.


What you don't know will hurt you, be informed about what smoking does to your body and why risks aren't worth it.